Top Tier Investment Bank Accelerates Innovation Using ServiceNow

Top Tier Investment Bank Accelerates Innovation Using ServiceNow

About the customer: A top tier financial services company with presence in dozens of countries around the world. As with many other leading financial companies, its IT systems lie at the core of its business, driving revenues, innovation, and competitive advantage. These systems need to be highly available and secure, delivering reliable, trusted services to its customers and employees.

SectorFinancial Services

Region – Europe

Client Size$29.3 Billion


Legacy ITSM tools resulted in poor service quality and high costs The company’s existing ITSM solution was a major barrier to this mission. It had deployed legacy tools and was highly dissatisfied with the results. The shared service organization found these tools difficult to use and saw them as having little value. And, because the shared service organization was hampered by its ITSM platform, it developed a reputation for slow delivery and lack of agility. Individual business units started to bypass shared services, opting to deploy their own tools and processes. This created major risk for the company, since it was losing control of its critical service delivery processes.

Siloed systems and processes created significant security risks Cost and service quality weren’t the only issues. The customer was also deeply concerned about its IT security capabilities and was particularly worried about its ability to prevent security breaches. Again, this problem was rooted in the organization’s existing ITSM tools. Because the legacy solution offered nothing to manage security processes, the company’s security operations team had adopted its own separate tools.


Transforming IT service delivery and security in a few months That’s why the company chose ServiceNow. With ServiceNow, it could create a common data model across IT and security, adopt best-practice processes, and dramatically lower costs. The opportunity allowed to redesign and reengineering of business & IT processes and discard its legacy tools.

Working with DX Digital technologies went live with ServiceNow in less than twelve months. The company rolled out a complete ServiceNow ITSM solution—including Incident, Problem, Change, and Knowledge Management as well as ServiceNow Security Operations for vulnerability response

ServiceNow Solutions

ServiceNow IT Service Management

ServiceNow GRC – Security Operations


  • ServiceNow IT Service Management
  • Improves IT service delivery
  • Provides a consistent, best-practice data and process model for IT service delivery


  • Transformed IT service delivery in seven months
  • Accelerated and de-risked development
  • Lowered IT service delivery costs by xx million per year