Major health department uses ServiceNow IT Service Management application to streamline service request for employees

Major health department uses ServiceNow IT Service Management application to streamline service request for employees

About the client: The Customer is a manufacturer of phyto-based pharmaceuticals located in North America. Unlocking a therapeutic effect of medicinal herbs to the local market, the company delivers to their patients a natural way to manage general well-being, as well as treat a variety of conditions, such as anxiety, pain, insomnia, etc.


Region – North America (USA)

Client Size$13.8 Billion


The customers IT department demand had risen even faster than the growth rate driven by a number of new healthcare technologies and rising compliance and accountability demands.

Challenged by an old, complex and manual IT service/demand management solution, IT was failing to keep up with demand, with serious consequences.

  • Security and access requests were overwhelming them and their system, causing mistakes in provisioning.
  • They could not audit or account for who had system access or match access rights to systems effectively, causing significant compliance and security risk.
  • Service quality was deteriorating rapidly due to the volume of demand.

IT saw the need for a modern IT Service Management solution to provide:

  • A user-friendly interface
  • A means to aggregate and manage demand “as a service”
  • The ability to reduce volume and improve service quality through self-service and service automation

Service Now Solution

  • Service Now ITSM


DX Digital technologies worked with the IT teams to understand their business requirements, with time being a factor we used our Agile approach to rapidly implement ServiceNow as the strategic platform to enable their digitization journey.

The implementation of ServiceNow enabled support teams to get ahead of the demand ahead with employees able to make use of self-service for status/requests via service catalog and streamlined, automated processes for common requests. In addition, this helped the support teams to start realizing further areas for self-service and automation.

Automation of security and access requests and better LDAP integration have improved speed and quality of service for users. With an accurate & current single source of data improved compliance with security requirements and spotlighted other areas where IT can make valuable improvements quickly.


  • Improved decision making quickly and accurately.
  • The customer was able to avoid pitfalls from inexperience and learn from their insight into solving common problems they faced.
  • Focusing on the power of ServiceNow DX guided the customer further to understand and adopt the changes needed and keep our scope of effort lean and targeted at the key business outcomes