A leading provider of broadband and cable TV solutions with a customer base of over 200k+ households across the country.

A leading provider of broadband and cable TV solutions with a customer base of over 200k+ households across the country.

Major Telco Company reduces costs, simplifies operations and gains visibility needed to manage IT performance and business service delivery more effectively with highly automated IT asset management solution with ServiceNow


Region – North America (USA)

Client Size$128.3 Billion


Service Now ITAM


The client had more than 7,000 devices in its IT estate, including workstations, servers, virtual machines, routers, printers, etc. It was attempting to track the status and location of these devices, as well as associated licenses and contracts, via spreadsheet.

Currently being tracked by 5 employees and it was highly manual and inefficient process taking lots of time. Some of the challenges included monitoring license status, implementations, renewals and expirations, which often led to lots of errors in duplicated efforts, waste, and unnecessary procurement and licensing expenses.

Further, without clear visibility into IT assets, it was difficult for the client to understand the full view of its IT landscape and identify risks and issues that could affect business-facing services.


DX Digital Technologies was engaged to drive the transformation, based on a years of domain experience in this specific ServiceNow application area. With the ability to deliver complex solutions quickly and efficiently DX Digital implemented an IT asset management solution enabling the client to have a single system of record of all IT assets to maintain current and accurate data about hardware assets as well as licenses and contracts. The real- time data in the ServiceNow configuration management database (CMDB) platform enables the client to more effectively manage hardware and software asset lifecycles.

DX also implemented the CMDB with ServiceNow Discovery for auto-discovery of all Configuration Items and assets in the client’s complex IT landscape.

To provide the client a with a role-based access to various assets utilizing end-users’ existing security credentials, DX integrated the client’s Active Directory with ServiceNow, all while improving security and audit trails.


  • Improved hardware asset inventory accuracy and tracking
  • Enhanced license compliance and reconciliation
  • Effective reporting enables understanding of true operating costs
  • CMDB as single source of accurate CI data with autodiscovery of new and changed assets
  • Saved day-to-day operations manual long effort of 5 employees
  • Near real-time tracking of infrastructure assets and changes